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Hallo liebe Emmi Ultrasonic Partner und Kunden, liebe Besucher des Webshops,

wir bieten gratis Zahnputz-Partys für Mensch und Tier im Umkreis von 30 km um Bremen
herum an. Interessenten können mich erreichen unter der Telefonnr.: 0421/52 44 811 oder per Email unter:

Am 28.04.2019 sind wir auf der Norderstedter Hundemesse von 10:00 - 17:00 Uhr bei Behrmann Automobile, Segeberger Chaussee 53-67, mit unserem Emmi Ultraschallstand vertreten. Dort führen wir wieder Gratisbeschallungen durch und informieren gerne über Funktion und Wirkung der emmi®-pet Ultraschallzahnbürste. Jede(r) ist herzlich dazu eingeladen.

Wenn Sie über meine Web-Seite www.csoelter.emmi-ultrasonic.de ein emmi®-pet
oder emmi®-dent Basis-Set bestellen, schicke ich Ihnen einen Aufsatz und eine
Zahncreme gratis zu.


Phenomenon Ultrasound

Dental cleaning with 100% Original Ultrasound from Emmi-dent

Electric and sonic toothbrushes are becoming ever more popular and promise a professional standard of dental cleaning and hygiene. However, Emmi-dent, with its unique and patented dental care system, is now setting a new trend for a completely new kind of dental cleaning and oral hygiene. The name of this trend is: 'Superior dental hygiene with 100% Original Ultrasound.' It is gentle, motionless and does not involve brushing or any abrasive action! This revolutionary method of dental cleaning with 100% Original Ultrasound is based on a globally unique patent – the Ultrasonic Piezo-Chip created by Emmi-dent. This Piezo-Chip sits in the head of the ultrasonic toothbrush and generates up to 96 million ultrasonic waves (air vibrations) per minute. These ultrasound waves are then transferred, via the bristles of the toothbrush head, onto Emmi-dent's specially formulated toothpaste. At this point 'micro bubbles' are generated, which react with the air vibrations and implode. These implosions effectively eliminate and remove food particles, plaque and bacteria from within the oral cavity. In this way, Emmi-dent offers a unique opportunity to effectively clean your teeth to a professional standard on a daily basis, within the comfort of your own home. Clean your teeth professionally, care gently for your gums and prevent the accumulation of plaque, tooth decay, inflammations and other dental problems. It's so easy with Emmi-dent! Dental cleaning and oral hygiene now has a new name: Emmi-dent!